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Total Raised: $300,086

  • 9 Charities

  • 19 Events

  • 447 Teams

  • 853 Climbers

  • 134 Companies

What is Stairing is Caring?

We facilitate stair climbing events to raise money for good causes in a healthy, competitive, and fun way.

Total Raised


How does it work?

Teams of 2 take turns climbing up and down a set of stairs for 45 minutes.

Stairs Climbed


How does it raise money?

Climbers collect guesses on how many stairs their duo will climb. Pledgers will donate money for their guess. Charities win!



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Top Companies by Avg Team Donations

  1. Washington Attorney General's Office

    $ 2,916.00

  2. Slalom

    $ 2,525.00

  3. Pacific One Construction

    $ 2,078.00

  4. Moz

    $ 1,993.00

  5. Trover

    $ 1,961.50

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There is nothing better than sweating for a good cause. And you can skip your next leg day at the gym!

— Expedia Climber 2017